Starting a business? Ongoing IT issues? Current IT people just not cutting the mustard? Do you have a backup and disaster recovery plan? Are your IT and computer systems are secure? Need an IT revamp?
IT Force can help!


IT Consultancy & Auditing

Do you understand the condition of your current IT assets? Are they capable of delivering your business objectives? Why are there ongoing issues? Concerned at rising costs? IT Force can help!

We can audit and review your IT systems and assets, providing advice and recommendations on your current and future IT requirements. Our innovative stance, along with our in-depth knowledge and experience, means we are well placed to point you in the right direction.

  • Meet to discuss your current issues and future business objectives;
  • Agree an Audit plan, providing a draft template;
  • Perform thorough but nondisruptive Audit, analysing and identifying issues, and potential improvements;
  • Review the Audit report and its findings and provide advice and actionable recommendations.

IT Support

Our friendly Perth based support techs are ready to help with all your IT issues and queries.

We are responsive, working diligently to resolve IT issues quickly, either remotely or on-site. IT Force are a single point of contact for all your technology issues and will deal with software vendors, phone and Internet providers on your behalf, ensuring problems get fixed.

  • Plain English speaking technicians;
  • Single point of contact for all your IT and related technology issues;
  • Friendly and conscientious approach;
  • Secure Remote Access support;
  • Three simple payment options;
  • 7:30am to 5:30pm – Monday to Friday – Out of hours support available.

Email & Spam Protection

Everyone hates spam but it can be more than just an annoyance, with hackers sending dangerous attachments or phishing attacks straight to your inbox. Our sophisticated email security solutions can drastically reduce the amount of spam hitting your inbox, as well as scanning for malware, viruses and other potential threats.


  • Industry leading solution from market leading security company;
  • Scans email for spam and threats before they reach your Inbox;
  • Compatible with all email systems, including Microsoft Office 365;
  • Can be customised and optimised to fit the needs of your business;
  • Quarantined email can be easily self-managed;
  • Website links checked when clicked and blocked if malicious.

Security & Protection

Threats to your company’s computer systems and data can come from various sources and in many forms but you can rest easy knowing our advanced security and antivirus solutions are protecting your information.

IT Force design systems with security in mind and understand what is required to harden up your defences from would be attackers and malicious software. We take a layered approach to protecting your business data and privacy, knowing that properly securing your IT systems and infrastructure, is not a simple case of installing antivirus.

  • Thorough understanding of IT security concepts and applying a layered defence strategy;
  • Sophisticated security solutions to protect from all known threats;
  • Data Protection to prevent and log unauthorised files leaving the company network;
  • URL filtering to block risky, potentially malicious websites.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

IT Force take your data seriously! We not only ensure that your data is backed up safely but plan for every eventuality, so in case of disaster, your data and systems can be restored and operational within the shortest possible period of time. This protects your business from server outages, data corruption and deletion, delivering maximum uptime, minimum downtime.

Onsite virtual and physical servers:

  • Incremental backups every 15 minutes, so in the event of data corruption or deletion, no more than 15 minutes of work will be affected;
  • Backups stored on-site for quick restoration of files and off-site to protect against disaster situations;
  • Should a backed up server fail, a pre-staged redundant server can be started, avoiding disruptive downtime.

Our solutions are wide ranging and not just capable of backing up your onsite data but your cloud based systems as well. It is a misconception that because it is in the cloud, your data is automatically backed up. If you use Microsoft Office 365 for email, OneDrive and utilise SharePoint, we can back it up, protecting your data from accidental or malicious deletion and corruption.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup & Archive

  • Multiple daily backups;
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup, all managed online, no software to be installed;
  • Restore a full mailbox or individual emails from any backed up point in time, back to Office 365;
  • Restore OneDrive or SharePoint content from any backed up point in time.

Cloud & Infrastructure

IT Force can install and configure all computer types, servers and networking equipment, which can be on-site, cloud based or a hybrid environment. We ensure this customised infrastructure is a stable and resilient platform for your business applications and solutions, securely accessible from anywhere.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your IT requirements and can supply everything from laptops to cloud services and anything in between.


  • Design and specify all IT equipment, virtual and cloud environments, required for your IT infrastructure and to meet the needs of your business solutions;
  • Plan, manage and implement IT infrastructure projects;
  • Supply quality hardware, including laptops, workstations, tablets, servers, power protection and more;
  • Supply networking equipment such as routers, switches, cables and Wi-Fi solutions;
  • Provision cloud services, utilising Microsoft Azure and its vast array of options;
  • Optimise speed and efficiency across your IT network and connected devices.

Business Phone Systems

Always be contactable with our state of the art cloud based VoIP phone systems that deliver all the features of a traditional PBX and more. IT Force will fine tune the configuration to your business requirements, making the most of this feature rich solution.


  • Use a desk phone, desktop or mobile app, so your extension follows you everywhere;
  • Have your customers greeted by a professional Automated Receptionist Menu;
  • Use Hunt Groups to manage incoming calls, so multiple phones ring simultaneously or in sequence;
  • Have voicemail sent to your email, so you don’t miss any important messages, when away from your desk;
  • Cloud based high availability solution;
  • HD voice quality.

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